FAQs Hotel Conference Centers
What is a conference center?

A conference center is a large space equipped with tables, chairs, and some even have enough floor space to fit thousands of guests. Some are obviously larger than others, but are able to fit several different types of rooms, such as meeting rooms, business centers, and banquet halls. Some even have lecture halls and auditoriums. Not all hotels have conference centers, but many have at the least a ballroom and meeting rooms.

What are some events that can be hosted in a hotel conference center?

There is really no shortage of events that can take place in a conference center. Be it an annual convention, trade show or wedding, there is a hotel with the space you need. Big or small, the opportunities are endless. Some areas may have restrictions on capacity limits or even the type of events that can be held in one particular location.

How far in advance should an event be booked?

champagner-1071356_1920It really depends on the type and size of the event, the importance of the event, whether it is an annual event and whether you are flexible with dates. If you haven’t selected a date for something like a wedding or a company retreat, some places are able to offer discounts if they are trying to fill out their year early. Other times, booking far in advance you’re able to lock down current rates for the next year. However, if your event is the third weekend in June every year, this is probably something you want to lock down ahead of time, or even try to get a contract to host the event at a location for a set amount of time.

What is a room block?

Contrary to how it sounds, a room block usually isn’t usually consisting of a certain area of rooms, more so a certain number of rooms set aside for a particular event. While most hotels try to room people in a particular block near one another, it doesn’t necessarily always work out this way, especially if there are different types of rooms included that are located in different parts of the hotel. Room blocks sometimes come with a discounted fee, offered as a way for hotels to know they will have x amount of rooms sold on any particular night.

What is onsite catering?

Convention centers that offer onsite catering have their own kitchen, perhaps as part of the hotel restaurant, or in some places, its own dedicated kitchen set up for preparing large scale meals.

What is a group master bill?

A group master bill at a hotel is where all the various charges are automatically directed to one main bill, allowing one person to pay for all of the rooms and services accrued during a stay. Hotel room bills can also be split so that the company or party in charge only pays for rooms or particular charges, while an individual’s incidentals such as television and phone charges or room service are covered by the individual.