Hotels: Not Just for Sleeping Anymore

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When you’re on the road, hotels serve as your home away from home, a place to rest and sleep at night. But hotels have become so much more than just a bed; they’re now a hub for business conferences, wedding receptions, trade shows, reunions and various other events. They’re a one stop shop for lodging, food and beverage, and plenty of space.

It doesn’t matter the size or type of the event, a hotel can be the ideal setting to keep you and all of your guests happy and comfortable. If you are in the process of planning an event, be it business or leisure, look no further than a hotel and conference center in the city where you’d like to host your event.

Here are some events you can consider hosting at a hotel and conference center.

bride-1081776_1920Weddings: Hosting your wedding at a hotel with a ballroom can be an elegant and easy affair. With everything you need in one location, including your room block, you’ll give your guests a relaxing way to attend your special day. If your guests are staying at your hotel, it is easy to drop off welcome bags for them, it’s a breeze for them to get to your reception, and if they want to change shoes or freshen up half way through the night, their room is just an elevator ride away. This is great for the bride and groom too, having the privacy of their own onsite room for any wardrobe changes, bathroom breaks or even just a minute to yourselves away from the hustle and bustle of the party. Better yet, having catering done onsite takes away from the stress of finding an outside vendor.

Business Meetings and Conferences: For many of the same reasons it is smart to host a wedding at a hotel, having a business meeting at a hotel contains everything into one easy package. Room rental, overnight room rentals, catering and business services are all done in one place. This can make planning a big event very straightforward, especially when you only have to deal with one vendor who coordinates all the aspects of your meeting. They also offer varying sizes of rooms, so if you need to have smaller breakout meetings then you’re covered with that too. Employees are able to stay right on site, giving them no excuse to miss the event.

Trade Shows: Hotel conference centers are also great spaces for trade shows, especially the larger ones. They then offer plenty of space for vendors to set up, as well as stay on property for the course of the event. Such spaces are designed to accommodate many tables and power hookups are often built into the floor making media booths a breeze to setup.

banquet-453799_1920Banquets: Much like weddings, hosting any sort of banquet in a hotel is a breeze. Offering tables, linens, and all the cutlery and glassware, you pretty much just have to show up and everything is ready to go. They prepare the meal, setup the room to your specification, and can even offer a podium and any audio and visual components that may be necessary, especially during award ceremonies and retirement events.

Reunions: Whether they are class reunions or family reunions or any other group of people that is together after a long time apart, a hotel is a great place to host a reunion. With rooms all in one location, people can have a centralized location to catch up with old friends and family members, and depending on the size, the banquet space can host a dinner or breakfast reception to get everyone together.


Having worked in banquets at a local hotel to put myself through school, I learned a lot about the work that goes into pulling off a huge event. Some mornings we’d set up for a brunch seminar, and have an hour long turnaround to set up for a grand evening gala. We’d spend many late nights cleaning up after an event that stretched into the wee hours of the morning, only to be there the next day bright and early to prepare for a full day conference. There were many days that I looked back on after wondering how in the world we managed to pull off what we did. After I graduated with my accounting degree, I couldn’t wait to have that experience in banquets a distant memory.

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