You’ll Have a Ball Hosting Your Wedding in a Hotel Ballroom

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When wedding bells ring, so does the planning for likely the biggest party you’ll ever throw. There are so many details to think about that you never even would have considered, but having your wedding at a hotel ballroom will save a lot of time and stress, giving you more time to enjoy your engagement and all the love that surrounds it.

Hotels are a great option as a wedding venue because of the space and amenities they offer. Many have large ballrooms that can be divided into a smaller space depending on the size of your wedding. Along with onsite catering, hotel rooms an elevator ride away and everything you need already need, hotels are a smart place to host a wedding.

If you are on the hunt for a wedding venue, here’s a few reasons why you could consider a hotel for your reception.

Room Block at Reception Site: Many couples like to set up hotel room blocks to accommodate out of town travelers. When it’s at the reception site, it makes it convenient for your guests, especially if they can avoid renting a car because everything takes place in one location. It also takes out the worry of people driving after they’ve had a couple alcoholic beverages. You’ll also have the savings of not renting transportation from the hotel to the wedding and back, which is a courtesy many people offer their wedding guests, and if you’re having your ceremony at the same location, it isn’t necessary to rent a limo.

rain-791893_1920Rain Backup: A benefit of hosting your wedding at a hotel with a ballroom is the fact that most hotels are able to offer an indoor ceremony backup site if you are planning on having yours outdoors. They often have smaller conference rooms that they can set up and decorate as a safety net for you in the event of foul weather.

Onsite Catering: Instead of having to also find a caterer after you book your dream venue, hotels with a ballroom offer the convenience of a kitchen onsite, and will likely have pre-selected menu options prepared from which you can select. These can often be customized, and just like a traditional caterer, they should be able to set up a tasting for you ahead of time.

Getting Ready Room: Many hotels with a ballroom offer a bridal suite to the couple where their brides can get ready for the big day, have their hair and makeup done. This keeps everyone out of the hotel room and in one centralized location, which is especially great for photographers.

Tables and Chairs Already There: Many venues come bare bones, and after you rent the space, you then have to rent everything to fill the space such as tables, chairs and linens. Ballrooms are designed for things like chandelier-525405_1280weddings and grand events, so they come with tables and chairs, place settings and basic linen. If you then want to have a specific color linen for your wedding you can rent it, but you know that won’t be a required added expense. Some places will even include centerpieces in some of their elite packages which is just one less thing for a busy bride and groom to worry about.

These are only a few of the benefits to hosting your wedding in a hotel ballroom. There are many other benefits, and different hotels will offer different packages. Some even have complete packages that will include everything from a rehearsal dinner to the wedding cake. It’s certainly a convenient and magical way to have your wedding become your dream come true.



Having worked in banquets at a local hotel to put myself through school, I learned a lot about the work that goes into pulling off a huge event. Some mornings we’d set up for a brunch seminar, and have an hour long turnaround to set up for a grand evening gala. We’d spend many late nights cleaning up after an event that stretched into the wee hours of the morning, only to be there the next day bright and early to prepare for a full day conference. There were many days that I looked back on after wondering how in the world we managed to pull off what we did. After I graduated with my accounting degree, I couldn’t wait to have that experience in banquets a distant memory.

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